Workbook & Bonuses

Are you ready to increase your motivation, focus, self-mastery, and willpower?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. This Workbook is packed with 17 practical exercises, tools, and templates to implement Mindful Self-Discipline in your life.

Workbook (free)

  • Increase your motivation with the Black-and-White Exercise
  • Clarify your aspiration with the “Find Your Purpose” Quest
  • Build effective habits with the Habit Mastery checklist
  • Enhance your commitment with The Self-Discipline Inventory
  • Stay on track with the Self-Awareness Journal template
  • Persevere easier by going through the Contingency Plan
  • Detox your life with the Influences Detox
  • Generate momentum with the Make Your Offering prompts
  • Get the morning routine and time management summaries
  • Get the summaries for powerful PAW Method and ROAR Method
  • Develop greater self-compassion with the Self-Love exercise
  • Increase self-confidence with the Success Chronicles template
  • Overcome junk dopamine with the Monk Week guidelines
  • Grow your willpower with the Daily Challenge template
  • Manage your distractions through the Dopamine Audit
  • Focus better with the Mindful Technology Use checklist
  • Increase mental energy with the Decision Fatigue Buster

Included Bonuses

By joining the Mindful Self-Discipline tribe (free) you get not only the Workbook, but also the following bonuses:


Take the quiz to see what is your self-discipline score, and which of the three pillars you need to focus on the most.

Wallpaper Images

Get 12 inspiring image-quotes to use as the wallpaper for your smartphone. Taken directly from the Mindful Self-Discipline Manifesto.

Meditation Guides

Get the instructions for the meditations included in the book, so you can follow on your own. Also includes other self-discipline meditations.

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Meditation PDF + Workbook + Bonuses

Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

Workbook + Bonuses

Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

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