About Giovanni Dienstmann

As a self-discipline coach, Giovanni Dienstmann has helped hedge-fund managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals, artists, and pro athletes to live a more focused and disciplined life. Since 2014 he has been successfully coaching people to overcome distractions, procrastination, self-doubt, fear, and other forms of self-sabotage. 

Giovanni’s system of Mindful Self-Discipline offers tools to overcome whatever self-discipline challenges the members of your organization face—challenges such as lack of engagement, lack of focus, lack of motivation, missing deadlines, low productivity, ineffective communication, poor time management, etc.

As a meditation and mindfulness expert, Giovanni also runs LiveAndDare.com, which is one of the top five most visited meditation blogs on the web. His first book, Practical Meditation, is available in eight different languages and has popularly been called “The Meditation Bible”. Giovanni has over 10,000 hours of personal meditation practice and is a sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. His meditation programs have helped over 20,000 people start a daily meditation practice, improve their psychological well-being, and master their minds.


Here is a list of topics that you can hire Giovanni to speak on, run a workshop/seminar on, or talk about in an interview or live presentation.

Mastering Your Internal World

Effectively managing negative emotions, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs with the power of Mindful Self-Discipline. Includes mindset work, meditation and breathing practices to overcome anxiety, stress, fear, anger, shame and low self-confidence.

Self-Discipline for the Pandemic

Remain focused and disciplined while working from home. Setup an effective work environment, routine, and processes. Master distractions and procrastination.

Work Like a Monk

How to overcome procrastination and distractions, and develop the superpower of deep focus in your work. Includes discussions on time management, morning routine, tweaking your environment, and “The Power Hour”.

Mindful Resilience

Learn how to create a buffer against stress and burnout, strengthen your willpower, and expand your resources. Includes tools on how to create an effective contingency plan and how to gracefully bounce back from failures and setbacks.

The Three Pillars of Self-Discipline

How to be more self-disciplined, without beating yourself up? Learn the heart of the Mindful Self-Discipline system: the three pillars of Aspiration, Awareness and Action. Selected practical exercises from each pillar.

Become Your Best Self

Find out the key quality or virtue you need to embody in order to take your life and work to the next level. Discover powerful ways to integrate that in your daily life.

Master Your Habits

Stay on track without beating yourself up. Grain practical tools for building positive habits and overcoming impulsive behavior and breaking bad habits through mindfulness and self-acceptance.

And More

  • How to Do What You Care About—And Care More About What You Do
  • Think Yourself Strong—The Art of Self-Belief
  • Make Your Offering—Why Sacrifice Is the Key to a Happy Life
  • Why You Need Self-Discipline
  • How to Live With Self-Awareness and Be True to Yourself
  • Zooming Out—The Art of Focusing on Your Long-Term Goals
  • Swallow Your Demons to Gain Their Power
  • The Secret Key to Not Giving Up
  • How to Be a Recovering Perfectionist
  • Procrastinate the Right Things
  • The 80/20 Rule for Distractions
  • Dopamine: Master It or Suffer It
  • Challenge Your Excuses
  • Reward Yourself
  • The Master Key to Conquer Procrastination
  • Tell Yourself a Better Story
  • Fail Well or Fail Always
  • Meditation and Self-Discipline for Better Sleep
  • Commitment, Not Motivation—The Secret of Never Zero
  • The Four Principles of Mindful Time Management
  • How to Rock Your Morning Routine


Giovanni is based in Sydney, Australia, but is available for events worldwide.

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Panel discussions
  • Coaching
  • Interviews
  • Webinars and summits

The presentations can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as a full-day workshop. They will be adapted (or developed afresh) according to the needs of your organization/audience.

For more information, availability and fees, contact him through the form below.

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