Mindful Self-Discipline Plugin

This free Chrome plugin exists to help you implement one of the main ideas from the Mindful Self-Discipline book. The key concept is to be mindful about every decision—because every decision matters. Every decision is either a +1 toward your goals, or a -1.

Self-discipline is difficult because in our daily life we often make decisions, especially the small ones (which compound over time), moved primarily by the impulses and feelings of the moment, without considering the long-term consequences. This simple practice of labeling every decision as +1 or -1 will give you the awareness you need to live your life more in harmony with your goals and highest values.

Track Your Progress

  • Add your aspiration and SMART goal
  • Develop self-awareness by tracking when you are moving towards or away from your goals, every day
  • Discover patterns by reviewing your scores of the past days, weeks, months.
  • Create reminders to come back to your goal and track what is happening
  • Learn how to improve by using the PAW Method

For a better experience with the aspiration tracker, and also to have access to multiple other self-discipline tools—such as meditations, journal templates, weekly Q&As, and lesson summaries — get our mobile app.

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