Mindful Self-Discipline LIVE CLASSES

Join me every week for engaging live sessions where I’ll guide you through practical techniques and experiential exercises of the Mindful Self-Discipline framework.

Over 200 people join every class to learn, ask questions, and share their progress. I invite you to be part of our vibrant community and discover the incredible benefits of cultivating self-discipline and living with greater purpose, awareness, and willpower.

Classes are held live on the Insight Timer app twice a week, during the following times:

  • Sundays 1:00 pm PST 🇺🇸
  • Mondays 11:00 am BST 🇬🇧

You can use this time converter to see it in your time zone. This season goes up to end of October 2023.

Insight Timer Live class

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Next episodes (Season 7):

  • BONUS #2: Digital Decluttering (MSD, S7) (US time, EU time)
  • Wise Confidence (S1, ep. 1) (US time, EU time)
  • Paving Your Way to Confidence (Wise Confidence, S1, ep. 2) (US time, EU time)
  • Discover Your Core Strengths (Wise Confidence, S1, ep. 3) (US time, EU time)
  • Designing Your Aspirational Identity (WSC, S1, ep. 4) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcoming Your Conditioned Identity (WSC, S1, ep. 5) (US time, EU time)
  • Mindset and Witnessing (Wise Confidence, S1, ep. 6) (US time, EU time)
  • Imagination and Embodiment (Wise Confidence, S1, ep. 7) (US time, EU time)
  • Meditation for Self-Confidence (Wise Confidence, S1, ep. 8) (US time, EU time)
  • Living Courageously, Acting Confidently (WSC, S1, ep. 9) (US time, EU time)
  • Relating With Boundaries and Authenticity (WSC, S1, ep. 10) (US time, EU time)
  • The Disciplines of Self-Confidence (WSC, S1, ep. 11) (US time, EU time)
  • The Final Keys of Wise Confidence (WSC, S1, ep. 12) (US time, EU time)
  • Build Effective Habits (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7 Ep13) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcome Procrastination (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, Ep14) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcome Self-Doubt and Failure (MSD, S7, ep. 15) (US time, EU time)
  • Go Never Zero (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, ep. 16) (US time, EU time)
  • Mindful Time Management, part 1 (MSD, S7, ep. 17) (US time, EU time)
  • Mindful Time Management, part 2 (MSD, S7, ep. 18) (US time, EU time)
  • Your Morning Routine (Mindful Self Discipline, S7, ep. 19) (US time, EU time)
  • Lifestyle Upgrade and People Detox (MSD, S7, ep. 20) (US time, EU time)
  • The 3 Pillars of Meditation (MSD, S7, ep. 21) (US time, EU time)
  • Develop Your Virtues with Self-Discipline (MSD, S7, ep. 22) (US time, EU time)
  • Spirituality and Self-Discipline (MSD, S7, ep. 23) (US time, EU time)
  • Self-Discipline and Purposeful Living Q&As (MSD, S7, ep. 24) (US time, EU time)
  • BONUS #1: How to Organize Your Digital Life, Tasks and Todos (MSD, S7) (US time, EU time)
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Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

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