Giovanni Dienstmann

Giovanni Dienstmann is the creator of Live and Dare, one of the top five most popular meditation blogs on the planet. As an international author, meditation coach and speaker, Giovanni is an expert in helping people overcome anxiety and stress to live a more calm and centered life. He is the author of the best-selling book Practical Meditation, which is available in eight different languages and has popularly been called “The Meditation Bible”. With over 9,000 hours of personal meditation practice, and a diverse training in meditation methodologies from different traditions, Giovanni brings a practical and unique approach to help both meditation novices and spiritual seekers alike. He is a Registered teacher through the Meditation Association of Australia, as well as a sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. His insights have been featured on popular publications such as Daily Yoga, Elephant Journal, and many more.    Giovanni’s clients range from stay at home parents to entrepreneurs, C-level executives and pro athletes. His acclaimed program Limitless Life has helped thousands of people master their mind, find contentment and clarity, and live a more purposeful life. To learn more  about Giovanni and his work, visit   

Self-Discipline for Spirituality

How can self-discipline enhance spirituality?  Spirituality is a discipline. True spirituality is the hardest of all disciplines, because it involves disciplining your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions all the time. While the discipline needed to achieve other goals in life is often a part-time pursuit, the discipline to grow and awaken spiritually is full-time. In …

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Spirituality for Self-Discipline

You don’t need spirituality or faith to be disciplined, but can spirituality and faith help self-discipline? Yes, tremendously. Spirituality almost always fosters values such as integrity, compassion, patience, forgiveness, self-control, determination, awareness, and morality. It requires honest self-reflection and certain regular practices. All of that requires self-discipline.  A spiritual path also offers inspiration from peers, …

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The Dangers of Unbalanced Self-Confidence

Given that virtues are our emotional “superpowers”, and that they must be balanced with their opposites for best effect, let’s discuss a pair that is extremely relevant to the topic of discipline: self-belief and humility. When they are properly balanced, you have wise confidence and can practice Mindful Self-Discipline.  It is easy to understand how …

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Kindle the Virtue Technique

If virtues are our emotional “superpowers”, how do we cultivate them to support Mindful Self-Discipline? We can discover and kindle the virtue’s “footprint” in our body, mind, and heart. Virtues are subjectively experienced as bodily sensations, emotional states, and a narrative or self-talk. For example, perseverance might feel physically like firmness or solidity in your …

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The Three Pillars of Meditation

Just like there are three pillars of self-discipline, there are three pillars of meditation: Habit, Technique, and Transformation. You need to practice meditation as a daily habit, with the optimal technique, and apply the skills from meditation to transform your daily life. With these three pillars, your meditation practice will be pleasant and effective. It will flourish and …

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The Benefits of Meditation for Self-Discipline

All of humanity’s problems stem from  man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. —Blaise Pascal If Pascal said that in the 17th century, what he would say today, when most people can’t spend one minute alone without unlocking their phone? A study from the University of Virginia found that many people would rather be electrically shocked …

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