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What if your phone, instead of being a reason for continuous distraction and procrastination, became a tool of motivation, focus, and self-discipline? What if it could help you live more consciously, more purposefully, and achieve your goals? Enter the Mindful Self-Discipline app—the ultimate “self-discipline in a box” solution. It is one thing to read a book and take notes, but unless you implement the key concepts and practices in your daily life, nothing much will change.

With the app you will get the tools you need, daily reminders to keep you on track, and also greater focus and commitment. Becoming a member works as a type of commitment device—you’ll be paying a monthly subscription, and that becomes an extra incentive for you to make use of it and consistently move forward with your goals.

Practice Self-Discipline

You have the book. What’s next?

Reading the Book

The Mindful Self-Discipline book teaches you all you need to know to build good habits, break bad habits, fulfill your aspirations, and live life more on your terms. It gives you information and inspiration.

Using the App

The Mindful Self-Discipline app is how you take what you learned to the next level, and make sure that you actually follow the exercises in the book, so you can get the transformation that you desire.


Exclusive self-discipline meditations

  • Meditations to help you enhance the Three Pillars of Self-Discipline
  • Save your favorite meditations, and make them available offline
  • Learn the unique techniques of the ROAR Method, ALFA Method, and POWER visualization.
  • Also includes meditations for finding your purpose, grounding, increasing focus, shifting negative self-talk, developing virtues, sleeping better, and overcoming procrastination.


Make progress with your goals

  • Keep track of your life and goals using the +1/-1 concept
  • Set rewards for yourself to keep you motivated
  • Get insights on your progress and become aware of your patterns, so you can improve every day
  • Develop the awareness needed to live life more on purpose


Stay on track and become aware

  • Develop self-awareness through a short daily journaling exercise
  • Edit and export past entries (your data belongs to you!)
  • Three power-questions for you to develop gratitude, see your mistakes without shaming yourself, and re-focus on your goals
  • Create daily reminders for journaling, meditation, and tracking


Key life lessons in your pocket

  • Practical summaries of the main ideas from the book
  • Ask Giovanni your questions and get a video reply
  • Save your favourites lessons for quick review
  • Don’t just read the book—make it part of your life!

More Coming Soon

These great features will be available by end of December. Stay tuned!


  • Easily implement the core practice of the book: the PAW Method
  • Step-by-step guidance for different breathing practices (Pause)
  • Powerful questions to help you think long-term (Awareness)
  • Shift your state by using the different willpower techniques (Will)


  • Quick add +1 and -1 without needing to open the app
  • Shortcuts to the three main daily practices of the Awareness PIllar: meditation, integration (PAW), reflection (journaling).

Watch App

  • Track your +1s and -1s on the goal
  • Keep your goals and aspirations in view
  • Quickly access the meditations you need to help you shift your state and take action toward your goals!

Get Started

The path toward your goals and aspirations doesn’t need to be so long, painful and unpredictable. With the help of this simple yet powerful app, being more self-disciplined in your life becomes much easier.

Click the button below to become a Mindful Self-Discipline member and gain full access to all the tools. This app is an investment in yourself, in your aspirations. It is a token of your commitment to your goal.

Join now and get two weeks free (limited time offer)
After your trial ends, the membership fee is $9.95 per month (cancel anytime).
If you have any questions about the app or your subscription, you can always contact our team.

You are making a difference 🧡👧🏻🧒🏾

10% of all income from the app is donated to SharedHope International. This means that, with your membership, you are helping end sex trafficking. Thank you for joining me in this cause. 🙏🏻

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